PEAKDEFI token utilities and burning

4 min readDec 7, 2022

Launched in 2020 on the Ethereum Chain, PEAKDEFI grew to a DEFI ecosystem with various web 3 products and different utilities for its PEAK token. The token is already listed on 8 exchanges and even more listings are planned in the near future. In order to ensure the durability and security of the project, it passed an audit by Quantstamp, Hacken and Blaize. Since March 2021, you can trade the PEAK token on both the Ethereum Chain and Binance Smart Chain so the users can save funds on transaction costs and time. Peak Staking is also available on BSC.

Overall, there are 4 major utilities for the PEAK token to maximize your gains and provide you easy access into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


is a yield-generating token deployed across multiple market-neutral options-based strategies. With its unique strategy in 7 different market environments you can earn a consistent return no matter what the markets are doing. This fund targets a 15–40% return annually with a 5% or less drawdown. The PEAKDEFI research team determines which system to deploy in each environment. A 30% performance fee is charged for every percent yield generated. You can also reduce the performance fee depending on the amount of peak tokens held in the fund.

You can read more about the PEAKDEFI Yield Fund here:


The vision of the PEAKDEFI Wallet is to bring decentralized finance in the easiest way to one mobile app and ensure the best usability. The app has an intuitive design & an user-friendly interface, which makes it fast and extremely easy-to-use. But it is not just a wallet, moreover, you can also Stake Peak Token directly in your PEAKDEFI wallet app. The currently best feature of the app is the ability to save your NFTs and open them directly in your PEAKDEFI wallet app, without the need to go to NFT marketplaces in order to preview your NFTs.

With instant access to more than hundreds of Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and now even on the Binance Smart Chain or Polygon Network, you have all necessary decentralized finance tools you need in your pocket.

You can read more about the PEAKDEFI Wallet App and download it here:

PEAKDEFI Launchpad

The latest utility, the PEAKDEFI Launchpad, started in May 2022. This launchpad gives you the opportunity to participate in the best IDO launches in order to maximize your gains. New projects are analyzed by the launchpad team in five stages of due diligence before they are listed to ensure just the best projects are offered for our community to invest in. The Analysis of each project includes projects’ tokenomics, team, use case, long-term potential, finances, development steps and structures.

A tier system with fair allocation of PEAK ensures successful launches of innovative projects on the platform. To avoid a single entity holding a large supply quantity, a fair token distribution at launch is implemented. Depending on the amount staked PEAK on, You get a certain guaranteed allocation for each IDO.

You can read more about the PEAKDEFI Launchpad here:


If you like to WIN prizes, the PEAKDEFI Lottery is for you! It’s an independent project created by developers from the crypto community. Every week a certain prize pool is distributed among all lottery participants. For a chance to WIN, you have to buy lottery tickets with PEAK, and if you’re lucky, your ticket numbers will match the winning numbers in the correct order. Every Saturday, the winners are picked at 10:00 am CET.

You can read more about the PEAKDEFI Lottery here:


In order to decrease the number of PEAK token in circulation and increases the PEAK token price as a result, a burning mechanism automatically burns 5% of every weekly prize pool collected in the PEAKDEFI Lottery. Moreover, 10% of the PEAK token which were used to buy a Education Package on are burned as well with every package purchase.

In the future, more utilities and projects will be added to the PEAKDEFI ecosystem, so hurry up and get some PEAK token before the price gets through the roof!