PEAKDEFI (PEAK) Token swap

It will be a 1:1 swap and it starts on October 15th

1. Swapping on our MarketPeak platform and crypto exchanges

2. For Non-Advanced User

3. Swapping on our Tokenswap landingpage


  1. Install MetaMask on your browser
  2. Prepare PEAK on your wallet
  3. Have some ETH on your wallet to be used as transaction fees
    You will be required to submit 2 transactions in total (Approve -> Swap)
  • Your wallet is connected (your address is shown beside the CONNECT WALLET button) — if it doesn’t show, try to delete your browser’s cached data and refresh the page
  • You have disabled ad blockers
  • You have manually input the amounts you wish to swap without too many decimal places on the amounts
  • You have checked the optimal gas fees on
After that it should show “Connected” within MetaMask
Keep in mind, that you wallet needs to be connected for this step.
You need to confirm the transaction to finish the swap.

MetaMask Guide by Publicaio

  1. Open website or search for “Metamask extension” in your favorite browser (you can install Metamask for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers).
In this tutorial we will show you how to install MetaMask extension for Chrome

Step 2. Import a wallet to MetaMask

  1. Click on the icon in the upper right corner to open MetaMask extension, read and accept the terms. Click Continue.
  2. Click Import With Seed Phrase.
  3. Enter your wallets seed phrase (mnemonic phrase).
  4. Enter a strong password.
  5. Click Import.

Alternative option — import a wallet using a private key or JSON file

  1. After creating an account, click on the“Account” button in the upper right corner (see screenshots below).
  2. Click Import account.
  3. Select preferred entry type. If you want to import an account using your wallet’s private key, simply paste your private key string and click Import.

How to create a new wallet in MetaMask?

  1. When the extension is installed, click on the icon in the upper right corner to open the MetaMask, read the introductions and click Continue.
  2. Create a strong password and click Create.
  3. Read the introduction text, then accept terms of use and privacy note. Click Accept.



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PEAKDEFI is a crypto ecosystem, that consists of the PEAKDEFI Ethereum App, the decentralized PEAKDEFI platform and our education platform MarketPeak.