PEAKDEFI Governance

2 min readFeb 23, 2022

PEAKDEFI has introduced governance. Governance in a crypto project gives the token holders, i.e. the community, more possibilities to determine in which direction the project should go.

PEAKDEFI is a decentralized crypto ecosystem and wants to put as much decision-making power in the hands of the community as possible. Because decentralization means that not only one institution has the power to make decisions and PEAKDEFI sees itself as a true decentralized ecosystem.

The PEAKDEFI Governance is available via:

What does it take to submit a proposal?

To submit a proposal you need to have at least 10,000,000 PEAK token votes delegated to your wallet. Every PEAK token holder can delegate his voting power to another address and 10 million votes are needed to submit a proposal. Fixed descriptions and goals must be set for the proposal so that the community can really understand exactly what will happen once it gets confirmed.

Who can vote?

Any wallet that holds PEAK tokens is eligible to participate in a vote. A wallet must be validated before the proposal starts and the votes must be delegated. Either to your own wallet or to another wallet and then you can vote as soon as the proposal is live.

To successfully confirm a proposal ,the amount of “in favor” votes of 40 million PEAK tokens are required. Any wallet that has delegated votes before the proposal is submitted can vote “For” or “Against”. To validate the proposal, at least 40 million more “For” votes than “Against” votes must be cast at the end.

The first Proposal:

MarketPeak is part of the PEAKDEFI ecosystem and has currently received 18% of PEAK tokens for distribution to the community. (See our whitepaper Tokenomics from PEAK Token and the distribution).

It has been proposed to increase the PEAK Token maximum supply by another 500,000,000 PEAK Tokens and make them available to MarketPeak to give more bonuses with the membership packages.

This proposal was already submitted at the end of January and it was successfully voted “For”.

The further details of this proposal can be viewed here:

We are happy that our community has accepted the PEAKDEFI governance so quick and that the first proposal was also voted successfully.

Let’s see what ideas our community has in the future and what proposals we can see and vote on soon.




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