PEAKDEFI Ethereum wallet app offers crypto credit card

And from now on: A crypto credit card as well!

An important step for the adoption of cryptocurrencies and also to integrate the usability of cryptocurrencies in everyday life is to create a payment interface between a crypto wallet and real life. That’s why we decided to now offer a crypto-backed credit card in the PEAKDEFI Wallet app. Together with our cooperation partner Crypterium, it is now possible to order a virtual as well as physical credit card via the PEAKDEFI Wallet app.

A new button for the credit card section was implemented in the top right corner

Users of the PEAKDEFI Wallet app now have the option to access the credit card section of the app via a button in the upper right corner. After successful registration, the user has several options here.

On the one hand, he can order a virtual as well as physical credit card, on the other hand, he can load and also manage his cryptocurrency assets within the credit card function.

And he can also exchange his assets within the credit card function.

It should be noted here: The credit card section is a separate section, with its own wallets & assets, which runs independently from the general dashboard of the PEAKDEFI app.

The main overview of the credit card section

Once you have successfully registered and verified, you will enter the internal credit card area. This area of PEAKDEFI wallet is a separate and independent area. All cryptocurrencies that you store here can only be accessed in this area and not via the standard area of the PEAKDEFI app.

As you can see, you can store and spend all common cryptocurrencies here.

You can get a physical and virtual credit card

Also, you can now order a virtual credit card and a physical credit card in your name through the PEAKDEFI app. There is a small monthly fee to pay, but it is absolutely justified for this great advantage that you can now enjoy through the credit card. Because with a credit card you can pay almost everywhere in the world, which means that you can pay with your cryptocurrencies worldwide from now on.

Within the credit card section of the PEAKDEFI Wallet app, you can also exchange your various assets with each other to take any price gains when spending your cryptocurrencies. This is super easy and possible directly through the app. It couldn’t be easier!

Besides the credit card function, the PEAKDEFI Ethereum Wallet app also offers you the possibility to manage multiple Ethereum wallets simultaneously. Furthermore, you can use an integrated DEX function, connect to all dApps with the help of the WalletConnect feature and buy cryptocurrencies directly within the app via our cooperation partner Moonpay.

In the near future, a Binance Smart Chain extension for the PEAKDEFI app will be coming as well as PEAK Staking, which will be available directly through the app.

As you can see, the PEAKDEFI wallet is under constant development and offers an all-in-one solution for any Ethereum & ERC20 lover, as you can manage every ERC20 token with our PEAKDEFI wallet app.

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