Bitget partners with MarketPeak, which is a part of the PEAKDEFI ecosystem, to offer valuable education of crypto trading

The partnership to boost crypto adoption with MarketPeak‘s educational resource and community

Singapore, July 18, 2022 — Leading global derivatives exchange — Bitget, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with MarketPeak, the largest crypto education platform with hundreds of hours of education materials and live coachings. MarketPeak is part of the PEAKDEFI ecosystem with the goal to educate and train the community in the areas of finance, blockchain and DeFi. The partnership signifies the common aim to boost cryptocurrency adoption and increase financial independence for different groups of investors, by equipping them with reliable educational resources about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Launched in 2019, MarketPeak is a self-funded project that provides a wide range of education materials about blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi and NFTs, to various types of participants. Both the crypto-curious or seasoned enthusiasts are likely to benefit from the education programmes and online courses of advanced knowledge of blockchain related topics.

Based on this partnership, Bitget will offer professional exchange services and a robust trading platform to the MarketPeak community. Its flagship offering, One-Click Copy Trade, is an innovative application of social trading and has amassed over 55,000 professional traders, with approximately 1.1 million followers. This function allows new traders to follow the trading strategies of veteran players, and will be highly compatible with MarketPeak’s platform and its community with over 130,000 users. Success of the best traders on Bitget is becoming more accessible and possible for all MarketPeak users.

Commenting on the partnership, Managing Director of Bitget, Gracy Chen said, “We are glad to secure this strategic partnership with MarketPeak, a community and platform rewarding blockchain and crypto learning. Knowledge of crypto and blockchain, the ever-evolving industry, should be introduced to more people, with access to valuable education materials and reliable platforms.”

MarketPeak continues to roll out new education materials and services that will benefit the community in order to be the one-stop-platform regarding crypto and blockchain education. As an official partner of Bitget, MarketPeak will promote their brand across the exchanges growing channels and educate the clients and traders about investment opportunities and the entire scope of crypto related topics.

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“With the education materials about cryptocurrency trading provided by professional traders in Bitget, users in the MarketPeak community are able to hone their tools to start a successful trading journey. This partnership, which allows us to extend our services and innovative products to new users from MarketPeak, is one of our initiatives to stimulate adoption of crypto trading and social trading, with the vision to increase financial independence for the rest of the world,”said Gracy.

“MarketPeak, with its community enjoying a huge user base, is excited to be the official partner of Bitget and is looking forward to the common future of this partnership in order to create an even better environment for cryptocurrency traders, investors and people who are new in the world of blockchain technology,” said Sergej Heck, CEO of MarketPeak.

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About Bitget

Established in 2018, Bitget is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges with a core focus on social trading. Currently serving over two million users in more than 50 countries around the world, Bitget accelerated its mission to promote decentralized finance with a 600-strong workforce representing over 38 nationalities.

Since Bitget’s official launch in the crypto derivatives market in June 2019, the platform has now become one of the world’s largest crypto copy trading and derivatives exchanges, and is ranked in the top five globally by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko for derivatives trading by volume. The leading exchange focuses on transforming the way people connect and trade with social trading. Its flagship offering, One-Click Copy Trade, is nothing short of a pioneer in social trading, and has amassed over 55,000 professional traders, with approximately 1.1 million followers, innovating the experience for crypto derivatives traders worldwide, with over 20,000 active traders generating close to US$100 billion in transaction value in 2021.

Adhering closely to its philosophy of ‘Better Trading, Better Life’, Bitget is committed to providing comprehensive and secure trading solutions to users globally, aiming to be the portal that transcends Web2 and Web3, that connects CeFi and DeFi, resulting in an expansive bridge to the vast web of crypto. In September 2021, Bitget announced its sponsorship of world-renowned football team Juventus as its first-ever sleeve partner and PGL Major’s official esport crypto partner soon after. Partnerships with the leading esports organisation, Team Spirit, and Turkey’s leading and long-standing football club, Galatasaray, were also announced in early 2022.

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PEAKDEFI is a crypto ecosystem, that consists of the PEAKDEFI Ethereum App, the decentralized PEAKDEFI platform and our education platform MarketPeak.

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PEAKDEFI is a crypto ecosystem, that consists of the PEAKDEFI Ethereum App, the decentralized PEAKDEFI platform and our education platform MarketPeak.